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Sоftwаrе Dеvеlорmеnt


Software is considered to be an essential component for the smooth functioning of the businesses today. However, developing software is not a layment work. It requires special knowledge and programming expertise to developer a unique software solution. Every business is unique and so are its requirements, therefore the need for customised software has gone up.


Companies have three choices when gaining desired software for internal or external use. Development solutions can be purchased as an off-the-shelf product, created by an internal staff, or acquired as an outsourced service. Consultants are professionals who assist with varying phases of the software creation process. They provide advice regarding the design, coding or implementation of a program based upon organisational processes Software development consultants can be an individual contractor or a complete firm with numerous experienced professionals. The service allows a company to obtain a solid solution designed to meet exact business desires at an optimal cost.


Development of cloud-based solution or an Application – Implementation of software is vital for business organisation for error free, smooth and quick operation. Also it would  be a great benefit for the business to get develop it’s own software either cloud-based or application.


Being in the industry since last 20 years, the leadership of Urenus Global ltd can be helpful in designing, developing and implementation of a solution that can eliminate repeate jobs, saves time and space, makes operation error-free and works 24/7.


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    TheQuickPayA revolutionary payment processing system

Urenus Global Ltd takes pride launching TheQuickPay whereby any self-employed persons, businesses and NGOs can use it. It’s a cloud-based software, so need not require downloading and can be accessed from any device with internet connectivity. You can collect the payment just creating and sending the link to your clients via SMS or email. Also, you can launch unlimited campaigns for donations, simply sharing the links on social media or sending vial emails to your memebers. Additionally, you create universal payment and donation links as well as button embedding relevant link to your website.

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  1. eMotto Automated Marketing Software – Under development

eMotto is cloud-based autopilot marketing software. eMotto will create attractive and awesome landing pages and will share on various social media sites. Then eMotto will send your content to search engines to obtain a high-ranking placement in the search results. eMottow will generate leads even without having your own website. Or you can put an eMotto link on your website to capture leads. eMotto will manage your contacts and run your various marketing campaigns, timely. eMotto will engage your customers, and allow them to communicate via an eMotto platform. You and your staff can also track your campaigns, observe success rate and access your client’s information from anywhere, anytime, and any device. You will not need to download an eMotto software or store your data. You don’t require to hire a marketing consultant, develop a marketing strategy or marketing skill. eMotto will do your marketing independently in less effort and short time. Anyone without technical knowhow can use eMotto. eMotto is useful for businesses, network marketing companies, writers, publishers, healthcare professionals, tutors, solicitors, immigration consultants, accountants, political parties, community service providers, NGOs, bloggers, vloggers, and any marketers. You will get unlimited support at less cost. Please visit for more information.