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Company's social media site is the best tool to assess customer service & software functionality

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Importance of customer reviews while signing up with software package


In marketing automation, two things are very important; right software to fulfill business requirements and the customer service.

Sign up with any automated marketing software isn't like normal purchasing activity where a customer buys a product in exchange for money and owns the item. Rather, the customer is bound to pay monthly or yearly subscription as long as he or she pays the fees. While subscribing to any package, the company is bound to offer the services mentioned in signed package. However, some time companies fail to provide promised services when they are grown.

Companies charge their subscription fees, starting from $10 to $2000 per months. These marketing software companies hire big marketing consultants from $10,000 per month to $100,000 a year and more. When efficient marketing strategy designed by marketing consultant brings sufficient leads, these companies fail to respond the buyers' inquiry as well as customers' queries on time.

As a result, Clients who are attracted and signed to this software without doing enough research will be dissatisfied and frustrated when they came across a problem where these software companies do not support their queries. The frustration of such clients can be noticed when they write a comment on their company social media sites. Moreover, when this company ignored the comment and didn't care to address the issue that times customer felt like he or she has been cheated.

I came across a similar issues on facebook, where clients of infusionsoft raise questions and discusse the problem. In one case infusionsoft ask client to send private message while in another case infusionsoft completely ignored the whole discussion.






















There was a post on facebook of Infusionsoft where one of client was disappointed with the services. This will give an idea how this company ignored to answer or address the issue client raised. Fortunately, i have saved this post and client's comments before it removed. Here it is;

Linda Figler Lagana I'm very frustrated with infusionsoft. I basically dedicated myself full time for months to the task of getting my initial Infusionsoft campaign up and running in pursuit of the Infusionsoft promise of an automated workflow. After signing on, and part way through the training period, it was determined that I required 2 additional third party applications to get the program to work as advertised. So not only did I have to get past the overwhelming learning curve of Infusionsoft, I also had to learn two other very technical programs, and then figure out how to integrate the three programs. NOT fun! Some of the integration required my web programmer--more $$$!! And to this date, the work is still not done. Who has time for this with a business to run? Eventually I had to get back to the more than full-time task of running my business. For the past year, my incomplete Infusionsoft automated campaign has barely limped along, offering a pittance of value. I haven't been able to get back to if for months and that alone gives me massive stress. Any value it has bought has been offset by the fact that my email open rate has declined drastically since leaving Mail Chimp. Emails seem to go into the abyss. They aren't being opened where they were being opened before the move. Now, having dedicated so much of my time and money to this program, I'm trying to figure out if I should cut my losses or put more money into it to get the bugs out. Is this program worth the time and effort? I hope the rest of you are having a better experience than I am.





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