Enhancing strategic thinking

Enhancing strategic thinking

Strategic thinking is simply a thought process to achieve a success in business or game. It is a cognitive activity to acquire knowledge through thinking, senses and experiences.
Hense, it is an act of collecting information concerning organisational weakness and strength, sensing challenges and threats to lead the organisation towards unconditional success through organising available resources.



Therefore, for strategic thinking strategist must have unique skills of Analysis, synthesis and diagnosis.
– An analysis is necessary to assemble the data on which he makes his diagnosis
– synthesis is important in order to produce from these data the diagnosis itself and
– the diagnosis, in fact, amounts to a choice between alternative courses of action.

It is an art, science and craft of decision making that enables an organisation to achieve its long-term objectives to create a competitive advantage for the firm.


Strategic thinking must encompass following characteristics;
1. Strategic thinking must be superior to competitors.
2. It is to achieve long term objectives.
3. It must address the key strategic issues.
4. It is based on available organisational resources.
5. It must be oriented towards expected performance outcomes concerned with the expectations of the identified stakeholders.


Hence, Strategic thinking is a foundation which provides a tool for strategic decision making that enables organisation for strategic planning. In short, growth comes from thinking and only from superior, new and strategic thinking.

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