How Frustrating is it When You Need a GP Appointment and You Don’t Get One?

Appointment booking with the GP is tedious and challenging task. GP practices ask patients to give a call at 8:00 in the morning. You are quite lucky, if your call is answered and get an appointment for the same day!

Also to book an appointment in advance, patients have to visit to their GP surgery. It is also disappointing if you didn’t get the time and day you were looking for or choice of your GP.


So, is really that difficult?

Here, our mind is boggling to get correct reason! Do they intentionally do this due to overloaded? or they don’t have the system of online appointment booking? Or if they have it but don’t want to implement it for some reasons?

But when you see, on NHS website, many surgeries either do offer online appointment booking system and many don’t. It is also the case that those who have such system available, do not advertise it to their patients.

That is the reason around 80% of the patients do not register or use online booking system. I suspect few other reasons too of discouragement.


Here is more frustrating:
If you visit on NHS choice website, for sign into GP online services section, it has mentioned: “although the sites below offer these services in principle, your practice may not.”

Again, they made it complicated. please look here;
If you want to start using online services
1. Tell your GP practice you want to use online services.
2. You’ll need to confirm your identity,
3. so take photo identification (passport or driving licence) and
4. proof of address (for example a bank statement or gas/electricity bill).


Once, you have done to get registered, you need to download one of the above application of your choice or provided by your GP surgery. It is also difficult for those who don’t keep a smart phone or not use to it.

There are many software available in the market which can easy to use for appointment booking, sending automated notification on your mobile and email as soon as your appointment is booked, and just before your appointment ( 1hrs, 30 minutes ) so You don’t miss it.


One of the cloud-based software developed by our friends can be very helpful to solve the problems of appointments booking and contact management. This can also be very helpful for patients as it doesn’t require downloading and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime with computer, laptop, iPad or mobile.

Grow In Cloud offers Client’s Site so patients can find free slot and also select GP of their choice and book an appointment without interfearing their GP surgeries 24/7.

I would like to encourage who has such system should approch to their nearby surgeries and convince them to integrate for mutual benefits of themselves, GP surgeries and for their patients.

What is to be done?

We have a problem. And we also have its solution. But here, I want to leave this on stakeholders to solve it.

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Author: Maqbool

Maqbool Masi is a marketing and sales Director of Urenus Global Ltd. He has around 20 years work experience in various industries and a founder of revolutionary payment system TheQuickPay. His work experience includes project management, automation, sales and marketing. He is an author of a book ‘Causes of Insolvencies in large businesses’.

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