Marketing Blue print Step 3

Tell something specific that is relevant to market demand
Marketing Mix is a set of marketing tools that the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market. Marketing mix is also known as 4 Ps based on four broad levels of marketing decision, namely: product, price, promotion, and place.   Product: It is an offer that meets a need of market. […]

Create your Marketing Blue Print – Step 2

Prepare Your Marketing Strategy Plan in Simple Steps
  Planning your marketing strategy   A marketing plan is a road-map of your current marketing strategy that would provide a direction of your organizational marketing efforts. This plan would be prepared through the comprehensive market research, consultation, feedback and observation of stake-holders. Marketing plan should reflect your company vision, company mission, strategic goal, tactics […]

Follow these Simple steps to create your Marketing Blue Print

A step-by step guide to create your marketing plan without any help
Simple steps to create Marketing Blue Print Understanding Marketing   Marketing is the management process that is concerned with the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer. It is a concept that focuses on the needs of the buyer to satisfy the customers’ needs rather than a selling concept which focuses the needs […]

Enhancing strategic thinking

The Only Rational Way for a Business Growth
Enhancing strategic thinking Strategic thinking is simply a thought process to achieve a success in business or game. It is a cognitive activity to acquire knowledge through thinking, senses and experiences. Hense, it is an act of collecting information concerning organisational weakness and strength, sensing challenges and threats to lead the organisation towards unconditional success […]

How to Automate Business Processing from Start to Finish

Grow your Business with a cloud-based Business Management software Grow In Cloud
How to Automate Business Processing from Start to Finish Small Businesses such as; Hair Salons, Accountants, Dentistry, Massage Therapists, Private Tutors, Legal Services, Interior, Designers, Spas, Freelance Consultants, Estate Agents and Personal Trainers etc spend enormous time in managing their contacts, making appointments, sending notifications, invoice and reminders.   Our friends Grow In Cloud developed […]

Understanding Dialectics of Strategy

Strategy A word strategy first appears in a military strategy text of master Sun Tzu ‘The art of war” in 500BC. The origin of the word strategy in French first appears in the early 19th century as stratégie which refers to a “set of coordinated actions, skilful operations, manoeuvres to achieve a specific goal”. While […]

What to consider while starting a Tech startup?

The business world is growing faster than ever before. More companies are registered as compare to previous years.  In the United Kingdom, 608,110 businesses were registered In 2015. In 2016 from January to June 38,872 more businesses are registered as compare to the previous year in 2015. As Kate Palmer of Telegraph “Record 80 new […]

How to avoid startups failures?

Why startups are more likely to fail?
As per Harvard Business School’s Shikhar Ghosh research, all 75% startups fail. That means, every three out of four startups fail and only one out of four survive.  If the risk of failure is so high, then what should be the mantras of success?  LEAN philosophy- a Success behind Toyota Production SystemA Japanese engineer Ōno […]

How Frustrating is it When You Need a GP Appointment and You Don’t Get One?

How to make NHS more accessible for people?
Appointment booking with the GP is tedious and challenging task. GP practices ask patients to give a call at 8:00 in the morning. You are quite lucky, if your call is answered and get an appointment for the same day! Also to book an appointment in advance, patients have to visit to their GP surgery. […]