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ATrusted Platform to get paid any where, any time

Urenus Global Ltd is the originator behind the development of unique seamless payment processing system 'TheQuickPay'.

TheQuickPay is accessible in 23 countries to collect payment via a link. Additionally, the link can be sent via SMS and Email from TheQuickPay software.

The additional features include a Universal payment link and Universal donation link.

Moreover, organisations can create TheQuickPay donation button by embedding the link on their website and can collect donations, where a donor can choose to pay one-off payment or set recurring amount on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

The user also can track the progress, view the cash flow and search any transaction from the history tab.

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Process Automation

Urenus Global Ltd can help you to develop any software to automate your business processing, including email automation, marketing campaigns, invoicing, contact management, analytic and tracking tool, inventory management etc.

Where Creativity Meets Design

Urenus Global can help you in web and mobile application development to meet your business needs. Based in United Kingdom with vast arrays of industrial expertise, we pride ourselves in assisting SMEs to or enthusiast to materialise business dream into reality with time tested and proven techniques.

Urenus Global has offered scalable software development services for retail, hospitality, real estate, finance and healthcare sectors.
We are here to materialise your idea, infuse innovative features to leverage with existing competitors, launch your project on time, help to raise investment, design your marketing strategy and market entry route, write a business plan, script, marketing material, blogging and produce a video like this;




Urenus Global Ltd is registered in United Kingdom and Wales - Company number 09010132