Create your Marketing Blue Print – Step 2


Planning your marketing strategy


A marketing plan is a road-map of your current marketing strategy that would provide a direction of your organizational marketing efforts. This plan would be prepared through the comprehensive market research, consultation, feedback and observation of stake-holders.

Marketing plan should reflect your company vision, company mission, strategic goal, tactics and marketing objectives.  It is expected that the plan will evolve over the time incorporating newer factors available over the time.


To finalize your marketing action plan, you have to answer following questions;

  1. Vision statement– A statement which reflects the preferred future of your organization.

Question Where do you want to see your business in the future?

Answer –


  1. Mission Statement – The purpose of your organization

Question – Why does your business exist?

Answer –


  1. Goal – Broad, long-term aims that define accomplishment of the mission

Question – How you will accomplish the mission?

Answer –


  1. Marketing Objectives – A quantifiable target to accomplish goal over a specified time

Question – What do you want to accomplish through marketing?

Answer –


  1. Tactics – Action plant to implement a strategy

Question- What is the methodology will you adopt to implement your marketing strategy?

Answer –


  1. Marketing Strategy – broad activities to achieve objectives

Question- How will you achieve your marketing objectives?

Answer –

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Follow these Simple steps to create your Marketing Blue Print

Simple steps to create Marketing Blue Print

Understanding Marketing


Marketing is the management process that is concerned with the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer. It is a concept that focuses on the needs of the buyer to satisfy the customers’ needs rather than a selling concept which focuses the needs of the seller that is limited to turn products into cash.


Now, the important step is, where to start?

It’s simple!

It’s three step process that every startups and marketers have to follow.

Understand, decide and implement.


First, know about your product, service, brand, blog or campaign which you want to promote.

Second, identify your target customers whom you want to reach.

And third, decide the best medium of promotion to materialize your concept.



What is your product?

A product or service is anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need. This may be tangible or intangible.


You can make a marketing plan for anything which you satisfy your customer’s needs. It may be a product, service, brand, your blog, any campaign etc.


Who is your customer?

An individual or business whom you want to convey your message to satisfy their needs from your product or service.


This is important stage where you have to identify who is the closest match of your product from the broad audiance. You also have to identify your customers with industrywise. Once, you complete this step, you will have an idea about a methodology of promotion to reach them.


How to promote?

Promotion is the stage where your marketing journey begins. Here, you came on a stage where you choose how to spread your message to customers.


Here, you have various options now you have to take a decision about the best method to start with.


Following are various options to decide;

  1. Advertising – you can advertise your product, service or brand in newspapers, radio, television, magazines, outdoor signage and online.
  2. Personal selling – use sales persons to sell the product or service meeting face-to-face with the customers
  3. Sales promotion – a short-term tactic to boost sales long-term customer loyalty.
  4. Public relations – the spread of information to individual, businesses, government, NGOs and people
  5. Direct marketing – communicate directly to customers through cell phone text messaging, selling, email, websites, database marketing, fliers, catalogue distribution, promotional letters.


Once, you have decided your method of promotion, you came on stage where you can plan of your marketing strategy.


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